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Documentary Production

Producing a Documentary is a wonderful challenge. You have to get the tough information while keeping the subjects in their comfort zone. Knowing when to push and when to back off is critical. Thatís why the two
documentaries below were chosen. They are straight interviews without special effects. We think it best showcases our interviewing skills at getting the story. Put our skills to work for you.

That was the most moving live event I have ever attended.
paggie Mcspadden

Veterans Doc These two documentaries  were very difficult to produce.  The one on the left was used in conjunction with the opening to a conference after 9/11.  When the documentary was done we had the veterans walk out on the stage.   It was very moving.  The other documentary piece was used as the opening to a veterinary company event.  They had recently lost one of their employees in an unfortunate accident.  Our job was to touch on that, but to also make everyone feel good about themselves and their workplace. Dr Able Doc

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